You MUST send a deposit for your session, each and every time you request to book. This is what secures your date and time and shows you are serious. I will provide the information on where the deposit can be sent electronically in response to your session inquiry email. This is an industry standard. It is non negotiable and non refundable. As a busy and well demanded pro domme my time is precious and little. Your deposit is due immediately after requesting your date and time and gives me the green light to hold your space.

Deposits are $100 per each booked session hour. The balance is brought in cash. Yes! The deposit comes OFF of the session cost. 4 hour appointments and overnight appointments are always a 50% deposit.

If you buy a physical amazon gift card, scratch off the silver foil on the back and send the 10 digit code. Do not scratch too hard and scratch off the code and do not throw the card away until it is confirmed that I have it as often there can be a mistype.


You will be given the general area of the studio when you submit your deposit.

If you suddenly have an idea or something to ask, by all means email me in advance about it. A confirmation email is sent out 24 hours prior to the start of the session. You MUST respond to this email confirming your attendance. No confirmation response, no session. Canceling within 48 hours with advanced notice and rescheduling for a new appointment to happen under 1 week’s time of the original scheduled session, will enable me to transfer your deposit to hold the session for South Florida sessions ONLY and nowhere else. This is not applicable while on tour.

The address is given out when you confirm your attendance via the confirmation email. Shower and shave if you need to (especially for CBT). If you are into being a slut, prepare for that internally (endless how-to’s online available).

The perfect time of arrival is no sooner than 5 minutes before our scheduled time. I plan for some time for talking before we begin, and allow for time at the end for you to put yourself together when necessary.


Some people want to bring me a little something extra as a token of their appreciation. This is very sweet but by no means expected or mandatory. I am always running out of and in need of numerous makeup items (Sephora Gift Cards), a relaxing day at the spa, or something for my puppies. I am also an avid tea enthusiast as it keeps me awake while working online.