• Do you have an uncontrollable urge to constantly stroke?
  • Less than desirable cock size?

Simply looking for your keys to be held? I ask $75 per week. If the request includes tease and denial the price can increase to between $125-150 per week. Tease and denial may include photographs, videos, emails, messenger, and any other forms of teasing that add to the tortuous chastity experience.

What is Keyholding?

Keyholding is a term that refers to an individual, called the Keyholder, who holds the key to a chastity device. The length of time the keys are held can vary from one submissive to the other with time being either pre-arranged or open-ended. While enforcing chastity during a keyholding arrangement the keyholder may select to make a submissive “work” for his freedom.

Why Get A Keyholder?

Because a keyholder controls access to a chastity device, they also by extension control the genitals of their partner and whether the person wearing the chastity device can achieve sexual gratification.

Many keyholders accessorize the key to the chastity device by wearing it on a necklace or anklet. Particularly the visibility of the keys reinforces the relationship between the keyholder and the wearer of the chastity device, reminding the submissive of the keyholder’s power