Financial Domination

  • Are you aroused by the thought of handing over cash to a beautiful woman?
  • Does financial ruin turn you on?

What is Financial Domination?

Financial Domination is a power exchange relationship between a Financial Dominant and a Financial Submissive. Findom relationships can consist of one-off payments, either in person or online, while others are regimented transfers of money. In some instances men may request a minimal budget and hand over passwords and relinquish complete and total control over their finances.

Why Participate in Findom?

Today’s societal views define success largely by money, it is one of the markers men use to compare themselves to others. Financial domination plays on one of the most influential forms of power: money. In an attempt to buy a Goddess time, buy her attention, buy the ability to involve her in your fantasies know that the idea of being financially used and humiliated is what will drive you to the point of no return.