Her carefully chosen name meaning the dark one whose rumble is heard around the world. Goddess Adrienne Brontide, The Mean Diva, is a name recognized internationally. Known for her charming demeanor many find it hard to believe her growing status as a Pro Domme. Her clientele consists of everyone from college students to CEOs and politicians. Currently based in South Florida she splits her time between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and New York City, New York. Adrienne is currently the educator for Blackbook’s The Art Of Seduction course and Footnight International’s 2019 Best Personality.

As a natural born sadist I enjoy any activity that evoke an emotion out of you. Especially one that comes from your pain for my pleasure. I will laugh uncontrollably when you double over from a hard kick in the balls. I will ignore you while you are my footstool, and verbally taunt you while you clean up the mess you made on the floor.

Throughout my life, I have found persuasion and power exchange to be very fascinating and have studied Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP) with top level executors. I love to incorporate this element of mind control into my work by figuring out exactly what you are about and then pushing your buttons and expanding your boundaries until I mold you into my perfect submissive.

Nominations and Awards

  • 2020 Footnight International The Lady Ice Queen & Princess Ice
    Most Fascinating & Intriguing Memorial Award Nominee
  • 2020 Footnight International Favorite Session Performer Nominee
  • 2020 Footnight International Most Alluring & Captivating Nominee
  • 2019 Footnight International Miss Footnight Nominee
  • 2019 Footnight International Miss Congeniality Nominee
  • 2019 Footnight International Best Personality Winner
  • Niteflirt Top Performer Gold
  • 13x Niteflirt Top Performer Silver
  • 19x Top Performer Bronze Niteflirt
  • Niteflirt Select Award